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May. 3rd, 2012



Round 3 begins!

Round 3 has officially started. Please read the updated FAQ, which has this round's schedule. Feel free to use the code in the text box to promote.

BJT Big Bang

Author's Sign up :: Artist's Sign up :: Beta's Sign up :: Cheerleader's Sign up :: FAQ

To post on your journal and promote where you want:


Cheerleader's Sign-up for Round 3

This is the cheerleader's sign up post. Copy and paste the information in the box below into your comment and please put your username in the subject line. Thanks!

The FAQ for the big bang can be found here.


Beta's Sign-up for Round 3

This is the beta's sign up post. Copy and paste the information in the box below into your comment and please put your username in the subject line. Thanks!

The FAQ for the big bang can be found here.


Artist's Sign-up for Round 3

This is the artist's sign up post. Copy and paste the information in the box below into your comment and please put your username in the subject line. Thanks!

The FAQ for the big bang can be found here.


Writer's Sign-up for Round 3

This is the writer's sign up post. Copy and paste the information in the box below into your comment and please put your username in the subject line. Thanks!

The FAQ for the big bang can be found here.


Round 3: FAQ


What is a Big Bang?

I've heard this question a lot when others have asked me about other big bangs. In a nutshell, a big bang is when an author writes a longer/long fic (10,000 - 20,000 words minimum) and an artist makes any type of art for them. This can include actual artwork (fanart), icons, fan mixes, fan vids and banners.

What is a Mini Bang?

Mini-bangs are recently included categories for those who only want to write a shorter story, or feel their story can't be stretched out to the minimum big bang word count. Mini-bangs vary and can be anywhere from 3500-7500 words.

Where/when can I sign up?

Sign ups for authors will come first and there will be a close date for the sign ups. About a week later, a post will start for artist sign ups. A full schedule will be shown below.

What if I don't write or do art? How can I still participate?

There a number of ways you can participate even if you do not wish to do so by writing or doing artwork. If you are a beta reader, the authors are going to need them as all fics must be beta read. If you aren't comfortable with that, all authors AND artists are going to need cheerleaders to keep them going as deadlines draw closer or they hit writer/artist block for whatever reason.

Author RequirementsCollapse )

Artist RequirementsCollapse )

ScheduleCollapse )

Questions? Ask in this post.

Apr. 4th, 2012



ADMIN: Round 3 Poll

Poll #1831340 Round 3 Dates

Would you prefer the dates start earlier for round 3?

Yes, please start a bit earlier so I can write mostly over the summer and not during the holidays.
No, I was fine with the dates as they were.


ADMIN: Round 2

Due to the ugly nonsense that real life can manage to heap onto us, the writers that had chosen posting dates with the intent to post have had too many things thrown at them to post this round. Myself included.

Because of this, round 2 of the big bang is canceled, sadly.

But fear not- there will be a round 3. Those writers who signed up for round 2, especially those who were almost done, close to done, etc. and had chosen posting dates, are welcome to use those ideas for next round, or you may finish those stories between now and then and post them along with any entries they may sign-up with for round 3.

Thank you to everyone who intended to participate. I am sorry round 2 wasn't kind enough to any of us to post this time.

The next entry will actually be a poll dealing with round 3. If you could take a look and vote in it, that would be great.

Mar. 31st, 2012



ADMIN: Posting Begins Tomorrow- April 1

Posting begins tomorrow. Please review the posting schedule and keep in touch with your artists so that they have their master posts ready to send to you to include on your posting date. After posting is done, I will do my best to post a master list for round one.

Below is a suggested format for your post.

Characters and/or Pairings:
Word Count:
Author's Notes:

Master Post/Chapter links: (this is at the author's discretion)
Artist Master Post:

Mar. 8th, 2012



ADMIN: Rough Drafts Due and other reminders

Rough drafts are officially due today! I'm not requiring anyone to send their rough drafts to me, just please comment to this post to let me know how you are doing and if you can give me an estimated word count. A minimum of 7.5K words is needed, or 75% of the fic. If you have already spoken with me about being behind, but are doing writing blitzes and know you will be done by the final draft due date, that is fine too and you can just respond to this with something about being on track. :)

Also let me know if your artist has been in touch with you. If I am your artist, I am working on those who I have information from (ie. rough drafts/summaries/etc.). If you do not have an artist and need one, please let me know so I can add you to my list and get in touch with you.

Reminders: There are a few posting dates that have not been claimed. If you have not claimed one yet, head over to this link to do so.

Feb. 20th, 2012



ADMIN: Artists & Posting Claims

Everyone should have artists now. Authors who were not yet claimed should have received an email from their artist today. If anyone else has not heard from their artist (or artist has not heard from their author) please let me know ASAP so I can arrange another artist.

There are still open dates for claiming on the posting dates.

Feb. 17th, 2012



ADMIN: Posting Date Claims

Posting in this big bang will commence on April 1. Since we have only 5 (possibly going down to 4) writers (writers with no artists, I will be contacting you shortly about doing your art for you, no worries!), I'd like for there to be a posting of a single story a day.

This means that April 1-6, a story will be posted. This will be a first come, first serve basis so get in the date you want to post as soon as you can.

If you do not think you will be ready to post on any of those days, please contact me ASAP and we can work something out. Ideally, I would like to post a master list by April 30 of all completed stories, if not sooner since we only have a few stories.

Posting Dates:Collapse )

Feb. 7th, 2012



REMINDER: Summaries still available

Just a reminder that we have all the story summaries still available for choosing by the artists.

Jan. 15th, 2012



Artist Claims- Story Summaries

Below are the current story summaries. Please copy and paste the following information into your comment to claim the summary you wish to work on. As stories are claimed, they will have a strikethrough added showing they are claimed and I will ensure that writers and artists are given one another's contact information.


Round 1 SummariesCollapse )


ADMIN: Still some summaries out

Due dates for all work has been extended by ONE WEEK because of my own slowness in getting the claims post up. That will be coming soon.

I do, however, still have a total of 8 authors that have not turned in their summaries or said they are dropping out. I will post the current four summaries that I have and any new summaries that come in, as you have until the rough drafts are due on March 8, 2012, to get them in, will be added to the list. I will then make a separate post announcing to artists that we have new summaries to take a look at.

Any questions, please let me know.

Jan. 11th, 2012



Artist claims post coming!

Over today and tomorrow I will be posting the summaries I have in hand for the artist's to claim. I need to go over my list of who is writing, ensure that those who have dropped I have made a note of and those who have not posted summaries I will PM so that I can get everything up to date. If more time is needed because of my delay, I will let you all know what it has changed to.

Jan. 1st, 2012



ROUND 2: Summaries Due

Please post your summaries for your Big Bang stories. If you don't have an official summary but know generally what you are writing, that's okay. The summary is for artists to claim, which I'll be posting January 11, 2012 for artists to start claiming.

Comments will be screened.



ADMIN: Schedule extended

I've extended the schedule by one month for rough drafts, final drafts, etc. I've given an extra week for summaries to get in before artists starting picking them and have extended artist sign up by two weeks.

Artist sign-ups end: February 15, 2012- EXTENDED
Story summary due: January 1, 2012
Post for artist's to select begins: January 11, 2012- EXTENDED
Rough-draft due: March 1, 2012- EXTENDED
Posting-date selection begins: March 15, 2012- EXTENDED
Final drafts and art due: April 1, 2012- posting begins- EXTENDED

I think perhaps, for Round 3, I may keep the general same writing time but start earlier so we aren't hitting the holidays with due dates. What does everything of that?

Dec. 30th, 2011



ADMIN: Question

Story summaries are technically due today, but before I put that post up to start gathering them, I wanted to pose a question to all the writers.

We are still pretty limited on the amount of artists that we have, so I was considering extending the due dates a little bit on both writers and artists to try and promote and get more artists but also to give more writing/art time in case people double up or for those that were hit by other things, plus the holidays. I did give a lot of time for this challenge for a reason, but it also hits over the holidays which makes it a little harder sometimes.

What is everyone's opinion? More time, even if extended a couple weeks. The maximum I will extend is by one month. Thoughts?

Dec. 8th, 2011



Official Drop-out post

If you feel you need to drop out of this round, please drop a note here to let me know. If you do drop out, I encourage you to stay in the group to see the stories and I hope you can participate next year.

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